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Pencil  Method

Streamlining is the key to “smart” swimming. Why struggle when you can adopt a posture in the water that will increase efficiency and double your “distance per stroke” at the same time.

That posture or form I am referring to I call “the Pencil”.  Simply put, you assume the shape and buoyancy of a pencil.  Configure your body so that your thumbs are interlocking,  fingers are together in the shape of a point, arms are straight alongside the ears. Then while holding your breath launch yourself forward by pushing off the bottom with your legs, extend your toes straight back and look down at the bottom. You will plunge and then glide till  you run out of air all the while keeping your head down (see photos at left). This is “Pencil #1” of which the Glide phase of the stroke is emphasized. It’s an important piece of the total stroke and also the easiest for conquering your fear of water. Ever hear the expression “Dive right in!”. It’s a metaphor for living life to the fullest, without fear and also a good way to build zest and desire for freestyle swimming.

Come to my class to learn about the complete method from “Pencil 1 to Pencil 5”. You will practice each drill separately then combine them to swim the freestyle easily and with less hassle. Go to the page “This Weekend” to find a schedule that suits you.

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