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    Ever wonder how Michael Phelps and Dara Torres make it look so good... is it genetics, double joints, youth, killer instincts, big sponsors, space age suits... yes...but more importantly, something called diligence & practice! NO surprises there right? Wrong, the right kind of diligence and the right kind of practice is the difference. It translates into plain ole hard work and constant monitoring of technique to keep strong and on track .

JJ’s Swiw method of basic moves and techniques will build a solid swim foundation and ensure that your swim will be fun, safe and a great workout.  Check out JJ’s “Pencil Method” by clicking the button below.

Also JJ believes that a well rounded athlete can bounce back faster from injury and keep it going longer by being “multi-sport”, so his  training includes dry land drills, stretching and triathlon training. Check out JJ’s “Land Drills” by clicking the button below.

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