Beach Smarts - Coming Soon!   Mar 2022
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    Join me on this panoramic tour of the island beaches and learn what to do and how to do it.  Just $1.99 per dynamic packet. Contains 10 favorite beaches per island. Click on Oahu - Beach Smarts now!

Oahu- Beach Smarts

Contact JJ @ 808 - 373 - 3839

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Sorry not available till Mar 2022...please bookmark this page.

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Features will include:

  1. Info Hot Spots

  2. Hazards you need to know: rips, undertows, sharp coral, thefts, big surf, etc.

  3. Eateries nearby: Restaurants, Malls, Shopping, personal faves, etc.

  4. Parking areas

  5. Safety tips

  6. Knowledge of things beyond the obvious: beautiful women, Dolphins, Whale watching, etc.

  7. Crowds

  8. Tourist attractions

  9. Funny stories

  10. Not-so-funny stories