3 Steps to Conquer “Aqua Phobia”
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Master Your Mind

  1. 1. Recognize the power of the subconscious in believing that one can accomplish the seemingly impossible when it is allowed to work under full cooperation with the willful mind. Several handouts are available to explain the process to fully awaken the mind’s potential to work towards a beneficial outcome. These training “secrets” are excerpted from a Spiritual master and a triathlon sports expert who are truly masters of their fields.

  2. 2.Basic swimming skills are introduced to prepare the student for the eventual outcome of swimming “freestyle” for a short duration. Also an introduction to shallow water drills and core body exercises are implemented to start the swimmer assimilating key features of proper swim technique.

  3. 3.Hands-on modalities are utilized to prepare the “newbie” to adapt to the unique rhythms and movements of “liquid space”. JJ personalizes every aspect of the training to accommodate the swimmer and their phobic distresses.

  4. 4.(Optional) Video analysis can be used to further the aims and provide feedback to speed up the learning curve. “Before” and “after” videos will help to show progress and prove that the student’s aims were realized.

  5. 5.(Optional) Formal completion of Aqua Phobia program will encourage the beginning of more advanced forms of water activity. Become proficient and water confident enough to expand your range of experiences, and add many happy, healthy years to your life.

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